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Wendy Montoya

Since she was little, Wendy was a restless girl, interested in music and art. By the time she reached her teenage years, Wendy developed a love of traveling to places that weren't far from her hometown, and while it might seem harmless to run away with her friends, the truth is that she wasn't allowed to go far, especially in the trunk of an unknown car. After a few years Wendy had many changes in her life, but the most significant was moving to the United States where she fortunately obtained her degree in Visual Arts.


Wendy continued her interest in art and also developed a deep love of travel. Wendy is currently dedicated to create nature-inspired branding projects, illustrations and photography. On the other hand, Wendy is a part-time traveler, exploring the world and sharing her experiences through her blog and social networks.

Let's work together!

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